Below is a important list to follow. This will insure the best possible healed results! Please note, failing to follow directions can cause undesirable healed result such as blurring , scarring, and failed color retention.
– Avoid any contact/rubbing with eyebrows. Keep eyebrow area clean for the one week. No water/ sweat/ dust should have contact with your eyebrows. Treat it as you would a wound to avoid infections.
– Use fresh clean pillow case.
-Apply Healing gel with Q-tip to cover eyebrows before and after washing your hair.
-If area gets wet, pat it down with a cotton ball/pad or lint free tissue.
– Avoid makeup around eyebrows for 10 days . Please clean face makeup with wet wipe to avoid splashing water or soap onto eyebrows.
-Avoid getting lash extensions or eyelash lift & tint for one week after.
-Avoid touching / peeling / scratching eyebrows until they are healed (10-12 days)
-Avoid dust/sand/airborne debris for one week after; avoid heavy house hold cleaning , beach, open car window, motorcycles, biking, hiking..etc
-Avoid Alcohol, Soft drinks, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate or any Caffeinated drinks or foods 48 hours after procedure.
-Avoid aspirin/ ibuprofen / niacin / fish oil /vitamin 48 hours after.
-Avoid any sweating, working out and water for one week; steam rooms/ gym/ hot bath/ saunas/ hot yoga/ pool etc.
-Avoid waxing / tweezing / bleaching/  threading and tinting one week after procedure.
-Avoid Retinol/ Retin A (Do not use at least 30 days after procedure)
-Injections must be done two weeks after procedure.
-Suntanning must be avoided 30 days after procedure.
-Chemical peels/ laser treatments must be done 60 days after procedure.
-Avoid any facial products that contain any acids/chemicals /whitening agents 20 days after procedure.