Your brow appointment will last anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours.
We allow only the client into the service room, no exceptions.
1. Once you arrive, we will start with a consultation. We discuss your expectations of your final result and the advice of the tech. Please bring pictures with you for desired shapes and sizes. Please note, these pictures are here to help us understand your taste. However, it does not mean it will look exactly like the picture. Every clients features are different. We measure clients facial features, and make sure the final look will be something to match your face entirely.
2. A ”before picture’’ will be taken.
3. We then start the Pre-draw portion of your appointment, this can take up to an 30 minutes to an hour. We measure your features, and draw out what your eyebrows will look like in shape and size. At this point of time, the client and tech will go over any adjustments desired by the client. Once the client feels confident about the pre-draw we continue to our next step.
4. Tech will then start the procedure, this process can take 40 min- 1 hour for Powder brows and 1-1.5 for Microblading. The time will depend on how easy your skin takes in the ink.
5. Once the tech is done with the tattooing portion, a “after picture” will be taken.
6. After-care packet will be given.
7. Make your appointment for your 8-10 week touch up . Your second appointment, will take less then your initial appointment. No pre draw will be done, only the tattoo process. Please, do not skip out on your second appointment! This is a crucial part of the process. Touch up appointments cannot exceed 4 months after initial appointment otherwise you will be charged as a yearly touch up instead of following.